How to Certify SocialEngine Plugins on marketplace

SocialEngine Plugins are packages of code that extend the core functionality of SocialEngine. SocialEngine plugins are made up of PHP code and other assets such as images, CSS, and JavaScript.

By making your own plugin you are extending SocialEngine, i.e. building additional functionality on top of what SocialEngine already offers. For example, you could write a plugin that displays links to the ten most recent feeds on your site.

If you repeatedly submit the plugin and the plugin decline by the SocialEngine Market Place. By doing something the plugin is decline.

users can choose between certified and non-certified products. Choosing a certified product allows users to rest assured that the product has been tested to install on a fresh SocialEngine site while producing no errors.

Certified products are only found at our marketplace. Though experts can still sell the same products from their sites, those will not be the certified versions and are untested.

As a SocialEngine plugin author, you have an amazing opportunity to create a plugin that will be installed, and loved by millions of SocialEngine users. All you need to do is turn your great idea into code.

The Guidelines for certification SocialEngine Plugins on the marketplace


 1.Product Details/Documentation

  • The plugin that depends on another plugin to be purchased is not allowed as single listings.
  • Descriptions cannot contain external links. Links can be put in the Additional Support section.
  • All installation process listed in product description.
    Ads are not allowed in the Admin Panel as we will show certified ads from the SocialEngine marketplace.

2.Certification Acceptance Testing

Experts are responsible for testing the product well, making sure it works well from the perspective of technology, functionality, performance, errors or warnings, and user interface. If errors and warning shows in logs file so please remove all error then submitting it for certification in SocialEngine Marketplace

3. Plugins must be compatible with the latest SocialEngine

Experts are required to ensure full compatibility of their product with SocialEngine core software and official plugins before submitting it for certification, experts are required to test their products with that latest SocialEngine release versions (4.10.3p2, 4.10.3p4, etc)

4. Check License callback or core software

Plugins that edit SE source code or database tables will not be accepted in the marketplace. If found any license callback or change database table then firstly you can be fixed it after that submit for the certificate on SE Marketplace.

5.Plugin Sku & Version

You need choose the right name for sku, you can add your expert name initials as a prefix to your plugin name to define the sku for your product. Ex: product name-xyz.
Integrating sku to the product code: This is required for plugin certification on the marketplace so we can identify your product when installing on any website. You need to follow below steps to do this:
Open to edit ‘/YOUR-MODULE-NAME/settings/manifest.php’ file of your module file.
‘version’ => ‘latest SE version’,
‘sku’ => ‘product name-xyz’,

6.Additional Support Links.

Additional Support Links are mandatory for plugins certification on the marketplace. Here are the steps below-:


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