Customize signup process for socialengine 4

We encountered many challenges while migrating the older socialengine version to latest socialengine version specially when the previous code was developed by novice developers team. We had the challenge to display users fields in wizard rather than a single page. Also since the previous developers didn’t break the fileds in steps and user data was already populated, […]

Event Calendar : SocialEngine

Event Calendar can be handy for the events module of the socialengine and gives members the ability to easily invite members of the community to their events, and track their attendance.The only thing missing in the social engine module is displaying the events in the monthly Calendar.We customized the event module and created the Calendar […]

Socialengine performance optimization : Nginx – Apache Combo

In our last two articles Optimize performance of your website and Iincrease performance and speed up socialengine using Memcached / APC /Xcache, we discussed about the tips to improve the performance of the socialEngine or any of custom website. In this article, we shall improve the performance further by using Nginx – Apache Combo pack. […]

Speed up socialengine using Memcached / APC /Xcache in 2017

Recently we were working on the migration of socialengine v2 to socialengine v4.1.4 for one of our clients. The current socialengine website was loading very slowly even though there were not much users on the site. We tried to speed up the site by using the APC opcode, compressing the html, js and css but […]