Best Anti Spams Plugins for Socialengine

No one likes spam – except the spammers themselves, that is. If you’re running a socialengine community, you probably already have at least one spam control installed, but if you are looking for another layer of protection, we’ve dug up some great tools for that purpose. Spam has been a huge problem for communities since the inception of […]

Could 2014 Possibly Be The Year For Crowdfunding?

The year 2014 has arrived, and many people are asking whether this will be the big year for crowdfunding. The answer to that question is possibly. Kickstarter is the most popular crowdfunding site in the world. While it has a number of advantages, it also has its disadvantages. When Kickstarter first started, it was a way for artists to raise money […]

Why should you change image using socialengine avatar plugin?

Want to enhance your Socialengine website by providing your users with new Avatar? Socialengine avatar represents its own personality and sometimes it’s very difficult to find out the user’s gender based on user default image. In social engine it’s always a challenge for admin to set a separate avatar for different gender because socialengine use a […]

Enhance Networking experience by Socialengine qrcode plugin

In continuation of our effort to enhance the experience of social networking on Social Engine platform, we are releasing our new Socialengine QRCode Plugin. QR codes are starting to pick up steam among the growing smartphone platform and becoming popular in the social communities. QRCodes are simply a encrypted data which can be easily manipulated by […]

Socialengine vs Ning – Community Owners Interview

Recently popular communities bikerspost, bougex and virtualacademy Switched from Ning to SE Php. We had asked them about their experience and are sharing their thoughts.

SMS Plugin – Sync friends and Nexmo Support

On the eve of Christmas, we are happy to introduce enticing new features to our SMS Plugin. In continuation of our effort to enhance the experience of SMS feature on Social Engine platform, we are releasing some new features. These features add support for some new Gateways, ability to show sender’s reference (dependent on gateway support) […]

Maintaining Social Community – Utilize your own resources

If you run a social community all by yourself you are probably not alone.  No pun intended.  If you are like most social network owners you are not tech savvy.  To build a social network one can spend a lot of money and time learning how to code in order to build a social network.  […]

SMS Plugin – Delivery Status and Conversation History

This month was eventful for iPagmatech,We have been featured as spotlight developer for socialengine and got overwhelming responses from our clients. In continuation of our effort to enhance the experience of SMS feature on Social Engine platform, we are releasing some new features. These features mainly focus on easing the way users can send SMS […]

Use the SMS Plugin To Get Direct Paying Advertisers

This is a guest post by Paul Rothbein, founder of Placerville SEO (, a SocialEngine focused marketing and consulting firm. He is also the owner of which is currently in a redevelopment stage. He has also been featured on SocialEngine. When you send out an email to someone most likely they will only receive […]

Empower socialengine with SMS Notifications

Notification alerts plays vital part for any community and every user would like to know what happening in the social network. SMS alerts are effective way to keep your community engaged with your community events and information about their social network regardless of their handset type or data plan. SMS messages are a common form […]