Tips to create neighborhood social networking website

A small group of people living together within an small area is called neighborhood. An online community is a network of people who communicate with other and share their ideas, thoughts. An online community for neighborhood is the private social network for our neighbors and our community. It’s the easiest way for our neighbors to […]

Top six socialengine payment gateway

SocialEngine is a php based platform can be used to build online community site. Website owners can build social networking sites within minutes using SocialEngine. Clients are using SocialEngine site as online store or event management etc site in which payment is one of the vital part for community owners.  In this article we are going to […]

Best Practices for developing eCommerce with online Community

A social networking service is an online service that brings people together in a location to talk, sharing, discussions, and chatting with other users over the internet. While eCommarce people also use to say “online shopping” is the buying and selling of products and services by businesses over the World Wide Web. Today life is […]

10 common mistakes while creating a responsive design

Responsive design adjusts a single website based on the device used to access the site. This is accomplished using cascading style sheets, which can automatically detect the screen size and adjust the output accordingly. Instead of building separate sites to support each device — laptop, iPhone, tablet — a single site can be designed and […]

How to enable two step verification in Socialengine websites

Now days online community websites are very popular. Million of users communicate with each other on online communities websites. Online community website not only connect millions of people but also hold their private informations, photos, documents. So user account security is an important priority for every social community websites. Two step verification is an advanced sign-in security feature , […]

Tips to write effective and powerful blog for your audience

Do you want to share your information with visitors? Do you want to provide fresh and latest content of your website to the users? Do you want to help a website to achieve higher search engine ranking? Are you ever wanted to write blog posts that will help to “write a blog” easily? Are you […]

4 ways to improve your web development skills

Software developers are responsible to make ideas into reality. It doesn’t matter of size whether a startups, medium-size or big company, developers are the back bone. While developing or creating new thing, developers should follow some basic rules of writing code. Its really helpful to write a readable, structured programming code, which is easy to debug. We […]

Best way to notify group members in SocialEngine

Being an group manager you always want to share news among group members. Announcements  posted as a featured news within the group to share about new information. So group announcement plugin is one of the solution for posting announcements for specific groups.The SocialEngine Group Announcement  allows you to add announcement notices which can display automatically for group members […]

Find out who viewed my profile on socialengine

When an organization is running a social community, they are worried about vulnerable to attacks on the platform. Several hackers actively alter users profile information on daily basis. Many social community  users can tell you that they noticed change in their profile information while they were not logged in. Other scenarios could be when organization […]

Integrate payment gateway with SocialEngine

Ecommerce and Social networking are trending aspects of today. It seem that these trends shall soon become an essential part of the  our daily routine. Eventually everyone shall use social networking sites to connect with friends and shop online to buy the goods. One of our client had socialcommerce site built on SocialEngine. Since SocialEngine supports Paypal and 2Checkout payment gateways by […]