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Easy way to create survey using SocialEngine

Why use Surveys? A Survey is defined as a research method used for collecting data from a pre-defined group of respondents to gain information and insights on various topics of interest. Surveys have a variety of purposes and can be carried out in many ways depending on the methodology chosen and the objectives to be achieved. Why are surveys important? Surveys are […]

How to create the RestfulApi in WordPress

WordPress is moving towards becoming a fully-fledged application framework, and we need we APIs. This project was born to create an easy-to-understand and well-tested framework for creating these APIs, plus creating APIs for the core. Before we discuss the WP REST API, it’s important to understand some terminology and background information. The acronym API stands […]

SocialEngine: Creating Custom Modules with Widgets

Simple Steps to Creating Widgets in Your Module Before creating the widget you should the register the widget Step 1. Register Your Widget You should follows these steps for register your widget, First go to Your Module. ({social_engine_root}/application/modules/YourModule/settings/content.php) and append the code below array( ‘title’ => ‘My Widget’, ‘description’ => ‘This is a brand new […]

How to Certify SocialEngine Plugins on marketplace

SocialEngine Plugins are packages of code that extend the core functionality of SocialEngine. SocialEngine plugins are made up of PHP code and other assets such as images, CSS, and JavaScript. By making your own plugin you are extending SocialEngine, i.e. building additional functionality on top of what SocialEngine already offers. For example, you could write […]

Performance optimization tips for SocialEngine and Phpfox in 2018

Are you fed up with performance issues on your website? Try these performance optimization tips right into the hosting to give the boost to social communities. Yahoo reported a 9% increase in traffic for every 400-millisecond increase in performance. Walmart experienced a 2% increase in conversions for every 1-second improvement in performance.  Amazon experienced a 1% […]

Ultimate Guide to send OTP using PHP(Twilio) in 5 minutes?

Are you facing an increase in attempts by spam to gain unauthorized access to your website? Once you’ve launched your website and you haven’t put any spam prevention measure in place. Verification Code allows you to protect your website by adding send sms verification functionality to User Registration functions before the user can see the […]